A Checklist of 40 Activities to Accomplish Before Your 40th Birthday

Turning 40 can feel like a milestone in life, and for many, it’s a time to reflect on what they’ve accomplished and what they still hope to achieve. If you’re approaching your 40s, you may be wondering what you can do to make the most of this decade. Here are 40 things you might consider doing before you hit the big 4-0:

  1. Travel to a new country
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Learn to cook a signature dish
  5. Volunteer for a charity
  6. Take a class in something you’ve always been interested in
  7. Quit a job you hate
  8. Take a road trip with friends
  9. Go on a solo adventure
  10. Attend a music festival
  11. Learn to play an instrument
  12. Write a book or short story
  13. Take up a new hobby
  14. Learn to dance
  15. Take a public speaking course
  16. Learn to code
  17. Get a degree or certification
  18. Start a business
  19. Go skydiving or bungee jumping
  20. Take a hot air balloon ride
  21. Take a photography course
  22. Learn to scuba dive
  23. Go on a cruise
  24. Take a yoga or meditation retreat
  25. Go on a camping trip
  26. Learn to ski or snowboard
  27. Attend a TED talk
  28. Learn to sew or knit
  29. Take a wine or beer tasting class
  30. Go on a wildlife safari
  31. Attend a Broadway show
  32. Visit a famous museum or gallery
  33. Learn to surf
  34. Take a cooking class abroad
  35. Attend a sporting event
  36. Go on a spiritual retreat
  37. Write a letter to your future self
  38. Create a vision board
  39. Take a day off just for yourself
  40. Spend quality time with family and friends.